5 forgotten characters in GTA Vice City


Despite the colorful cast of characters in GTA Vice City, a few of them manage to stay in the shadows.

GTA Vice City is a departure from the previous game. While GTA 3 is dark and gloomy, GTA Vice City is full of sunshine. This new direction applies to both the location and the locals. Everybody remembers the likes of Ken Rosenberg, Lance Vance, and Ricardo Diaz.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Of course, not every character leaves their mark. There are minor characters with little story importance, and some of them only show up once in the game. As a result, GTA Vice City players will barely recall them. It's hard to do so when these characters barely get a chance to shine.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Five of the most forgotten characters in GTA Vice City

5) Pastor Richards

 文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Pastor Richards seemed like he was going to be a major player in GTA Vice City. He shows up at The Party, along with several important characters. However, he is the only party goer who never gets involved with Tommy Vercetti. It remains unknown why there weren't bigger plans for him.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

He can only be found on local radio stations. Richards is a man who never practices what he preaches, often asking for ridiculous donations.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

4) Mike the Goon

 文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Not much is known about Mike. He used to be a personal bodyguard for Ricardo Diaz. After the drug baron's downfall, Mike began to serve Tommy Vercetti. The goon only shows up in a few cut-scenes.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

He made a notable appearance in Cop Land, a mission for GTA Vice City. Mike was supposed to set up bombs at a local mall. However, it failed to go off. Lance Vance reprimands him for his failure, and Mike does not appear again afterward.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

3) Harry and Lee

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Technically, Harry and Lee are two separate characters. However, they are interchangeable with each other. They first appeared in the intro for GTA Vice City. As representatives of the Forelli mafia, they went down south to do business.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Both Harry and Lee were gunned down after a drug deal went wrong. Tommy Vercetti barely escaped with his life. However, he also lost the drugs and money. Sonny Forelli was not happy to hear about this.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Near the end of GTA Vice City, Tommy still hasn't paid Sonny back his money, and the mobster sends some goons to collect it for him. Interestingly, they use the same models as Harry and Lee.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

2) Doris

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Doris is the dispatcher for Kaufman Cabs. GTA Vice City players can purchase this taxi depot for themselves. Doris is the one who coins the term Vercetti Gang. She seems to be knowledgeable about gangs within Vice City. Apparently, Kaufman Cabs had switched ownership several times already.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

There isn't much else to say about the character. However, Doris had certainly seen a lot in her days. Her voice can be heard on the taxi dispatch radio, and some of the conversations can be somewhat comical.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Doris is voiced by Debbie Harry, the lead singer of pop group Blondie. They have a song called Atomic, which is featured in Wave 103.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

1) Maude Hanson

 文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

This crazy old woman is only seen once in the entire game. Players are introduced to her when they buy the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream factory. As seen in her insane rant, Maude seems to have unresolved issues with children. Police records suggest she once ran an orphanage.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

GTA Vice City players will not think much of this character. Amusingly, Tommy seems to think Cherry Poppers was an ice cream factory. Maude corrects him, stating it's a front for selling drugs.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.文章源自Rockstar Games-https://rockstar-games.com/25504.html

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